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Nov 16, 2022

Many people do not understand that personal Facebook profiles and business Facebook pages are different in how you approach them. In this episode, we’ll look at the mistakes made when you don’t treat your nonprofit’s business profile page as a business page. 


Topics discussed in this episode: 

- The number one mistake people make with social media [1:42]

- Tips for your business page  [2:45]

- Metrics explained [4:38]

- Look Alike Audiences and why they matter to your page  [5:55]

- Content is important [7:43]

- What content should you post? [t9:00]

- Ways to get on the same page[10:28]

- Success can derail you [12:28]


Resources mentioned in this episode: 

- Infrastructure Episode: I Have My 501(c)3! Now What? You Build a Successful Nonprofit [1:40]

- Infrastructure Episode: Build the Infrastructure for Your Nonprofit to Receive Funding [1:40]

- Infrastructure Episode: Build Your Nonprofit Through the Fundraising Pillar [1:40]

- Social Media Planner [2:47]

- Content Episode: The Donor Journey for Social Media: Your Guide to Content [7:45]

- Donor Journey Episode [7:55]


Episode transcript: Mistakes Made with Social Media


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