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Feb 17, 2023

The first time I saw financial statements, it was a different language. Fortunately, I was in an Accounting class and I learned how to read and put them together. When I sat on my first nonprofit Board, I was glad to have someone experienced in those documents in charge of getting them to the members. I never had to wonder which documents I needed.

If you’ve never sat in a Board meeting, you have no idea of the financial documents you need to fulfill your legal duties to the nonprofit. Today, we talk to Sandra Ray, CPA about those financial statements. Sandra specializes in nonprofit tax law and accounting so she understands what Boards need to stay legal.

In this episode, we go into who is responsible for creating and presenting these documents, the exact documents your Board needs, and why these statements are necessary.


Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Sandra’s Contact Information


LinkedIn- Sandra E. Ray, CPA

Facebook- Sandra E. Ray, CPA

Facebook Group: No Nonsense Nonprofits

Email for samples of the documents discussed:


Episode transcript: Transcript 


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